A retirement community where everyone is welcome

Enjoy a Bettendorf residence with a beautiful view of the Mississippi.


The ability to show kindness, caring and willingness to help others.

Whether you are choosing one of our retirement villas or looking for health care services, we recognize there are many factors to take into consideration before making a decision.  Rest assured, we will not only be at your side as you make those decisions, but we look forward to being at your service once you have moved in and start to experience all the benefits of living here.  As the foundation of our core values, we are confident the level of compassion you will experience will far surpass your expectations.


Being dedicated or loyal to something.

For 90 years, we have been dedicated and loyal to our work and the difference it makes in the lives of all we serve.   We believe you will feel this level of dedication at work in the many ways our team goes above and beyond to assist you.  We understand healthcare options are evolving quickly, and we will continue to do what it takes to be the provider of choice.  As the second of our core values, our level of commitment has remained unshaken and is growing stronger each and every day.


A feeling of fellowship with others.

Once you make the decision to move here, you will quickly become part of a wonderful group of individuals made up of residents, team members, families and friends.  You will encounter an atmosphere of warm smiles, helpful hands and generous hearts.  Your privacy is respected, but you can be confident knowing there are others close by to assist you when needed.

Our third core value also represents who we serve.  When first established, the mission of the organization was to serve Masons and their families.  While we still embrace that heritage, it is an honor to welcome everyone.  Masonic affiliation is no longer required to become a member of our community.

Not just for Masons

Iowa Masonic is a retirement community open to all.

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